I’ve always been a ladies’ man, says Ogbolor

Multi-talented entertainer Michael Uba stars as James in the highly-successful comedy series, Jenifa’s Diary.

Uba, who is also known as Ogbolor, disclosed that as a teenager, he was given good opportunity in church to express myself on stage.

“I was made teenage president and also bagged several awards for my abilities. As we grew older as teenagers into youthful age, we found need to start a comedy group in church, called D’ISAACS.

“Soon, we were all over Surulere churches, cracking ribs. We soon found our individual strengths as stand-up comedians and soon started trying ourselves out as individual performers. I was very active with professional dance at the time so was distracted for a bit. After several years of delay as a dancer with no major headway, I went back fully into comedy.

Ogbolor however agreed that it is not  easy to act like a lady. “It is quite easy for me though, because, first, I am a great actor and that I know. And I am great at playing characters. Secondly, I guess because I am a twin to a lady, maybe I unknowingly studied her and learnt something along the way,” Ogbolor said.

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