Lepacious Bose recounts her near death experience

Lepacious Bose took to her Instagram today to recount how God saved her life and gave her a second chance to live one year ago.

‘From the stage to the hospital. And drips, wheelchairs, tears and misery. Started exactly a year ago when the angel of death came knocking but my God of second chances said NO! My soul does magnify the Lord and my spirit praise His name, for death could not hold ME captive, even in the grave JESUS IS LORD! Alaye ni o ma yin o baba,oku to ti ku kole yin o Alaye ni ni yio ma yin o oo baba! What do we say to the god of death…. NOT TODAY!!!! #Loverofmysoul#agbanilagbatan #saviour #deliverer#gbanigbani #ogbeninijakerubaonija#iyanu #oniseiyanu #kokumo#mytalkanddoGod #miracleworker #ps3’


According to her, her ordeal began when she woke up in a hospital on this day in 2015 after a show which she performed at to support three upcoming colleagues.

But after visiting five hospitals within and outside Nigeria over the following three months, Lepacious Bose was feeling better.

Recall that the comedienne shocked many with her dramatic weight loss about a year ago.

Then, she stated, ‘These days I just love taking pictures, it’s amazing how far av come from acting like I love the camera, and actually loving it. The journey of a thousand miles starts with one step, make a choice, start today, a little walk, a little exercise, a conscious healthier eating habit….it all comes together slowly but surely, you too can loose that weight, let’s enjoy this journey together. Almost 2yrs on this journey and I can’t stop smiling. #lovinglife’

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