Nollywood actress, Tayo Sobola, popularly known as ‘Sotayo’ has urged Nigerian ladies to stop receiving cheap rings from men.

Tayo, a graduate of Public Administration from Olabisi Onabanjo University, however urged them to receive only rings they can sell when man messes up.

Image result for Ladies should stop receiving cheap rings from men - SotayoHer words: “If the man misbehaves, you sell the ring, chop the money and walk away. Ladies should stop receiving cheap rings. Receive the one you can sell when the man messes up.

“Wearing the engagement ring, do men still make advances at you?

“That is normal. Even a blind person gets advances from men all the time. So let’s not talk about love,” Tayo stated.

Speaking on her relationship and why she is not dating a fellow entertainer,  Tayo said it will be an unwise decision for her to date or marry a fellow entertainer because she understands the nature of her job.

“I understand the nature of our job and for a man to want to understand a lady who is into entertainment, it is a whole lot of work. So you can imagine two entertainers in a home? It’s not possible. Ko le werk. One should be able to bend for another. One should be able to calm one down. But when both of you are hot at the same time, it’s nonsense.”