Man sets stepdaughter on fire

A 25 year-old man, McClellan Thomas McClellan, was allegedly sat on his five-year-old stepdaughter’s chest and stabbed her before setting her ablaze.

McClellan during courts preliminary hearing, disclosed that he carried out the offence because the girl, identified as Luna asked for a snack. According to him, he was angry because Luna refused to leave his room and insisted that he gave her food.

McClellan told investigators he wrestled the Five-year-old stepdaughter to the ground, sat on her hips and stabbed her multiple times in the chest. He then covered the girl’s dead body with blankets, poured vodka on the pile and set it on fire.

Firefighter Corey Drolett, who found Luna’s body, said he knew it was already too late.“I knew the victim had expired,” he said.

But he handed the girl through a window and asked firefighters to “very lightly” perform CPR.

Victoria McClellan, the deceased’s mother was said to be at work when fire fighters were called in as flame spread through the ground-level apartment.

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