Marriage is not meant for everybody – Bukky Wright

Popular Nollywood actress, Bukky Wright has urged women to discard the notion that marriage is meant for everybody.
Wright who was the celebrity guest on TVC’s popular talk show, Your View on Friday, said women should not stay in any marriage that has become toxic.

The veteran actress stated that it will be counter-productive to remain in an abusive marriage because of the children when it might ultimately lead to the death of the woman.

“A woman should not kill herself for marriage because marriage is not meant for everybody, so why kill yourself,” she said.

Wright, who has two grown up sons also noted that a woman can be a mother but not necessarily a wife.

On parenting, she disclosed that her philosophy has always been to “encourage your kids, but do not spare them.”

“I am strict because I feel even the bible says spare the rod and spoil the child, so I do not believe in pampering unnecessarily,” she added.

She also charged women to support each other as her brand of feminism is the one that urges women to believe in each other.

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