TVC E. Lagos State government few days ago embarked on mass de-worming of primary school pupils.
Organised by the Ministry of Youth and Social Development, it was launched by the governor’s wife, Mrs Bolanle Ambode, at the State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) in Maryland.
Mrs Ambode said it would keep pupils safe from worm parasites, anaemia, malnutrition, stunted growth and low immunity, among others.
She said: “Also, deworming of children helps in developing them to their full ability which boosts their learning capability. This is a great advantage that cannot be ignored because good academic performance will, to a large extent, determine the future of a child.
‘’The programme will extend to private schools in the next rounds. It demonstrates our commitment and importance which we attach to the survival, growth and developmental needs of all our children in furtherance of our all-inclusive mantra where no child is left out.’’
Commissioner for Youth and Social Development Princess Uzamat Akinbile-Yussuf said worm-related infection negatively affected the child’s development and academic growth.
Mrs Akinbile-Yussuf said: ’’School-age children typically have the highest intensity of worm infection of any age group and the most cost-effective way to deliver deworming pills regularly to children is through schools because schools offer a readily available, extensive and sustained infrastructure with a skilled workforce that is in close contact with the children.
“We believe that regular deworming will further contribute to the good health and nutrition for children of school age, which in turn leads to increased educational attainment. The most disadvantaged children, such as girls and the poor, often suffer most from ill-health and malnutrition, and gain the most benefit from deworming.’’
The guest speaker, Mr Fred Oduwole, a pharmacist, urged parents to explore natural remedy to ‘’ deworming their children by eating seeds of pawpaw which contains an enzyme that helps to kill parasites in the intestines. Also, pineapple contains digestive enzymes that kills tape worm.’’