Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have been involved in a messy divorce since last year,

with Angelina trying to gain sole custody of their six kids by accusing Pitt of being violent towards the kids. Now it has been revealed by TMZ sources that Angelina’s real reason for everything is because she is hoping to score a top position in the UN and move with her kids to London.

Moving with the kids she shares with Pitt all the way to London will not be possible except it’s proven that Pitt is an unfit father and these are allegedly her reasons for trying to make Pitt out as a violent, unattentive father. The sources also revealed that Jolie and Pitt have not been getting along well for more than a year and she had been looking for an opportunity to end the marriage and leave with her kids for London believing that a move to London will bring her closer to clinching a UN job.