kosoko gTVC E. Veteran Nigerian actor, Prince Jide Kosoko, said during an interview segment with YourView TVC that, he isn’t sure if he is a star yet, as he compared himself with the celebrities abroad. Stating the standard of living of the Stars abroad are nothing compared to those in Nigeria.

The actor who revealed that, it is not the first time he will loose his wife was born (12th of January, 1954)  in Lagos to the Kosoko royal family of Lagos Island said, he started his career at the age 10! How he did have his way still amazes anyone who knows how the profession was dreaded, coupled with the fact that he is a prince.

He went further to say he started with a television production titled ‘Makanjuola’ produced by Ifelodun Travelling Theatre and stayed with the troupe for another eight years before forming his own group. ”I have a lot to be grateful for the profession I have chosen, and I want you to watch out for my book, ‘the warriors lamentation’.

Kosoko who visited TVC with his daughter Sola Kosoko concluded the interview with the YourView TVC ladies by saying: ‘It is good to be your self. And to my fans out there, I love you. But remember, if you want to make it in life, you must go to school.”