Filmmaker Omoni Oboli may have made easy penetrations into government houses, given a peculiar case whereby her film, ‘Being Mrs Elliot’ was the first to be premiered in Aso Villa, Abuja during the reign of former President Goodluck Jonathan, but making such personal entry into Alausa, Lagos, has been difficult, that she has resorted to the social media.

In a series of tweets, the entertainer said, “This is what is going on my set right now!!! Why can’t I work on peace in Lagos? Someone should help me tell the governor! #FedUp pic…”

Omoni who posted a video of some street urchin further lamented: “’I am totally fed up! Shooting in Lagos State is such a difficult experience. I’ve been settling area boys everyday yet they still fight us. The other day, they broke a bottle to stab my crew and seized my van key. You have to settle different factions. I’m a tax paying citizen of Lagos State. As filmmakers, we pay taxes even on a loss.”

While many sympathised with the actress, condemning the activities of ‘area boys’ in Lagos, some felt she over-reacted.

“If you are fed up with Lagos, go and join your other colleagues in Asaba,” said one Jide Benson.