Jose Mourinho has revealed he turned down a “big offer” to coach in the Chinese Super League, citing the competition’s financial jinfluence as a cause for concern.

The Portuguese opted to stay in the Premier League after his dismissal from Chelsea, taking over at Manchester United, who are fighting for cup silverware on three fronts.

But he does have fears over the growing influence of the CSL, with the likes of Carlos Tevez and one of his former charges Oscar having made the switch.

Mourinho suggested financial reward was the determining factor for players making such moves, with footballing ambitions taking a backseat.

He told GQ: “If you are negotiating a new contract with one of your players and you offer him £5million per year and they offer £25million, then you have a big problem.
Maybe the player takes £5million because he prefers football. Or £25million because he prefers money.
“I have already refused a big offer to go to China, but I don’t criticise anyone who decides to do it. It’s their choice, their life. Only they can decide what they need for their future.