Akande obesereTVC E. Popular Fuji musician,  Alhaji Abass Akande, during an interview segment with YourView TVC crew said, he has no apology tomake, as per singing vulgar songs because it is his kind of music. ‘I get involved in hip hop and these kind of music because that’s what people are listening to now, and I don’t want to be left out and put my fans in the dark.

As a professional, I could swing to any kind of music to entertain my numerous fans and admirers. I also unveiled a single hip hop on TV stations titled ‘Amin Ase’. My fans have been calling that they appreciate it and that encouraged me to duet ‘Ebelesua’ with Olamide, the hip hop guru in the hip hop Mafia album”.

He continued saying: ‘It’s people that tagged my songs Asakasa. From inception, what I tried to do was to come into the industry with new brand of music because, there was nothing new again. To God be the glory, people accepted it and it became a success’.


He concluded the interview held on Friday (20th of January ) by sending a message to his fans, ‘I love you all, and I will never disappoint you. I also appreciate you TVC  for your support.

What do you think about his kind of music?