TVC E. Legendary reggae artiste, Majek Fashek, has insisted that he felt cheated by Timi Dakolo and some of his former collaborators during his ‘tribulations’. The singer had, sometimes last year called out Timi for doing a remix of his song, ‘Send Down The Rain’ and making money off it without bothering to get his permission for the work.

Although Timi has since claimed that he paid Majek’s manager to do the remix in an Instagram post, Majek and his manager have revisited the issue in a new interview. Majek was asked to clear the air on the Timi Dakolo episode in an interview with Vanguard. He declined to talk about the issue because Timi was ‘a kid’ before asking his manager to shed some light on the situation.

Thereafter, Majek’s manager said, “Timi remixed the song without the knowledge of Majek Fashek; It was the period I was in the US. So, when I came back I heard the song on ITunes where people were downloading it and they were making money, I was surprised. As a sign of respect, Timi would have come to meet the legend because the song is not an ordinary song. Tuface came and even paid for our flight to Abuja, he followed us back to back but he never did this to us. When we confronted Timi, he said he spoke with Majek’s manager. Who is the manager? I am the manager and he didn’t speak with me? People started saying all kinds of things, thinking I knew something about it. I told Timi to present evidence of his transaction with the manager in question to the media. Later, Charles Novia and Azuka wrote that they were managing Majek before so they had the right to such things. Even if you were managing him before , were you his manager when he did that song and would you give consent without the main artiste? My own part is that you remixed the song, you didn’t not even give him a call, nothing like that. That’s what generated all these scandals but God is so kind that Majek is coming back. Some people did not want him to bounce back.”