Muslim woman publicly flogged for committing adultery in Indonesia

A Muslim woman has been disgraced and flogged publicly for having sex with a man she is not married to in Indonesia.

Sun Uk reports that the woman who is from Banda Aceh, a large community in Indonesia which practices strict Islamic laws, was given 26 strokes of the cane after she pleaded guilty to committing fornication with a man she is not married to.

The woman was seen weeping and covering her face while being whipped in front of the public, an act that has drawn condemnation from human rights activist all over the world.

According to the report, Aceh is the only one province in Indonesia that has implemented the Sharia law which bans sexual contact between men and women who are not married and whipping is just one form of punishment imposed for violating the law.

Islam is the dominant religion in Aceh while over 98 per cent of the population of four million identify as Muslims and the bylaws extend Sharia to non-Muslims and criminalizes consensual sex sexual acts outside of marriage.

The criminal code permits as punishment up to 100 lashes and up to 100 months in prison for sex outside marriage.

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