Valentine’s Day : Group raises HIV/AIDS awareness

Valentine’s day is a day to share gifts, and express love to someone special.
But an organization in Abuja is worried that sometimes the celebrations may go beyond being just intimate.

It is using the International Condom Day to help prevent the spread of HIV and Aids, by giving out free condoms and testing.

The Aids Healthcare Foundation projected the day in conjunction with Valentine’s day to promote the prevention of STDs, HIV and unwanted pregnancies.

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The Director General of the National Agency for the Control of Aids (NACA) also laid emphasis on the need to know one’s HIV status by getting tested at every given opportunity

Nigeria still has the second largest number of persons living with HIV and aids, with the major challenge in bringing the numbers down being, how to encourage the youth to get tested or use condoms when they have to.

The underlying advice still remains, know your status by getting tested, and stay safe by abstaining from indiscriminate activities or by simply using a condom.

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