Appeal Court ruling creates ripples in PDP

The reinstatement of Ali Modu-Sheriff by the court of appeal is already creating ripples in the PDP as leaders insist they will appeal the judgement.  Leaders of Nigeria’s main opposition party had waited patiently for months in  anticipation of the Court of Appeal judgement.

They had hoped a favourable judgement would greatly aid  their quest to reposition the party.

But the outcome of the Judgement which was in favour of Ali Modu Sheriff has not only shattered the very core of their hope, but it will again stall the ongoing reconciliation process in the Party.

But the party says it’s not giving up the fight.

It’s heading to the supreme Court to appeal the judgement.

Each time the party tries to put it’s house in order, then comes another twist in its leadership crisis.

The protagonists have not only engaged in a war of words but have been in and out of court in a bid to determine  who controls the party’s structure.

But this judgement is another setback for the majority faction of the Party

The party hasn’t fared well since it’s outing at the 2015 general election.

The lingering crisis,  many had speculated, would eventually lead to the birth of a mega party.

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