Fan comes for ex-big brother house mate, Gifty, after her apology

TVC E. Ex big brother house mate, Gifty has come under attack after apologizing to Fals and Banky W. 

  • gifty gifty Gifty wrote: ‘Good evening everyone…first of all i was misunderstood when I said I don’t know Banky, actually what I meant was, “I’ve never met him in person”..Banky is an amazing singer no doubt. And right now i want to use this platform to apologize for all the wrong words I said about him. It’s just a game,we say/do things for specific reasons + i was emotional unstable cos i was up for possible eviction. So to all banky fans and everyone plz forgive me, Banky I love ur music and you are a talented cute guy! #blessed

    And concerning FALZ, i know the song called “soft work” but believe me i had no idea it was FALZ that sang it and also i haven’t met him before..that was why i had to ask “who is he”..#humblefalz‘. 

    Here is the origin of the apology: Big Brother Naija: Gifty gets evicted

    Gifty continued the apology saying: ‘To everyone out there, i just want to refresh your mindset again that the BIG BROTHER SHOW is always a game that has just one winner and whatever actions u have seen in the house is for a reason so please i beg you all don’t judge by what you have seen or heard…..God richly bless you all and I LOVE YOU… abeg make una no vex for ma head na, na game rule me just dey follow ooo #NEVERGIVEUP#ITSJUSTGOD‘. 

  • josephekene75That was the reason why they voted you out of the house, next time you learn how to talk when u are in public.
  • gifty_bbnaijaHaters kip making her more popular ……u guys shuld stop d insult already n let her be ……we all have feelings and we gat a heart ……all dis comment hurt ….pls lets move on ….she has apologise ….it takes an humble and brave person to do dat …..#teamgifty will alwaz love u dear ….#Be strong boo
  • gloriaelechiGifty were you also emotionally unstable when you said there is no hope for you in Nigeria Your Own country,during your eviction dairy session? That you didn’t want to go back home.even when big brother tried to correct that impression you still insisted that you didn’t want to go back home.Haba Gifty I dey shame for you.
  • akpanjessica@kingwillah u r obviously a fool and d dumb head. She must not know who a musician is ok. Even if she plays with them from now till next year, she must not know who they are if she doesn’t want to. Go and learn how to read and write, that will help u better than knowing who falz and banky is.
  • akpanjessica@kingwillah banky that was involved has accepted the apology and u are still here deceiving urself. Continue defending him, he’ll soon ask for ur bank account. Ewu gambia. Lmfao
  • hugoluvNice one my sister you really tried your best…. I have always supported you with campaigns and votes… Among the housemates you were my favorite…. Nwa Anambra @officialgiftypowers . God will Continue to shower you with blessing upon blessing, more doors will be open for you dear.
  • karen.somGuys… Will yhu just shut up… everyone be forming as if they are the saints
  • long_lucciApparently, you didnt write this yourself. thats too much english words that your mind obviously cant put together. And…..Your reasons for saying you don’t know them, doesn’t make any sense to me tho. you havent met them, means you don’t know them??.. I think you should have skipped that part in the apology, because it’s weightless. And honestly I see no reason for you to apologize for being yourself. Welcome back, enjoy the fame, use it well and good luck on your search for money and power. When u get it don’t get consumed by it (ofcourse that is completely inevitable). Lordbless
  • akpanjessica@kingwillah u wey dey talk on point, where has it landed you. Am not as jobless and useless as u are fr ur in4mation. Mumu don’t go and audition letz c if u may b picked, continue deceiving urself in d shadows
  • teikosannor@mradedamola@make_dara
  • tee25295@officialgiftypowers her kidney no too function
  • dcontafrica@khilarah_ not knowing who sang a particular song is not a new thing owk!!!!. So uve gat no point. It was a game and she played it perfectly her claim about not knowing @falzthebahdguy and @bankyw might have been her undoing but the truth still remains that she was the best gamer in the house.
  • tojohdanielsphotographyMy dear,thier is a different btw I dont no him and I have never met him…just be urself and move of luck..
  • akpanjessica@csearah that’s just the only problem she had. Uve said it well
  • asa_nwa_babyIt really baffles me when people claim not to like a person but come to their page to post hateful comments. Y not just Waka pass and go to other people’s page that y’all claim to like and encourage them. I think that will be good use of your time, energy and MB (data).
  • donjibzzzLol.. I heard you are as fake as Nicky minaj’s silicone ass. I never met banky w before too, but I defo know what he looks like. You just lame.. please who is gifty the fingered girl?
  • dcontafrica@khilarah_ her fake ness was a major highlight of the game. Her grammatical errors, off point discussions, flirty ness and accent switching made her 1 of the top 5 contestants in the house. Not a fan of hers but she made a lasting impression on the show despite been evicted early. When you tune in and she starts her silly gimmicks you are like “uhh, eww, nawa chai so fake. But her antics her such you won’t forget in a longtime. If multichoice decided to make the show more commercial she would still be there.


What do you think about her apology and the reactions?

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