Bikini Model Slaps Presenter Who assaulted her

The meaning of the word “no” seems to be a difficult one for some men to grasp. So when this bikini model told a creepy TV presenter to keep his hands off her backside during a gratuitous sunscreen demonstration, he presumably thought she was joking.

So you can imagine his confusion when, after doing precisely what he was instructed not to do, he got a massive slap round the face and had bottles of sunblock launched at him live on television, lol.

The model, Rayssa Teixeiro Melo, has won praise online for her response to the lascivious lech’s brazen bum-grab, which happened during a supposed health segment of a Brazilian TV show.

With Melo standing awkwardly in a dental floss bikini and heels, the sun lotion ‘expert’ strides on in tight white t-shirt and begins slowly rubbing the cream onto her thighs.

At first, Melo tries to smile through it, as the man spends far too long applying lotion to her legs and stomach.

But eventually the creep oversteps the mark, sliding his hand round onto her right buttock.

She grabs hold of his wrist and tells him, firmly: “No, that’s my bottom.

“Do you know this part, the bum?”

Startled, the man mutters an apology and asks if he continue, which Melo agrees to.

But when he squeezes her bum for a second time he is immediately struck around the face with a satisfying clap.

Melo walks round the presenters’ table and hurls bottles of sun lotion at the goatied grabber, who doesn’t seem to understand what he’s done wrong.

Even after all that, the presenter still requires a producer to walk onset and actually, verbally, explain to him where the leg ends and the bottom begins.

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