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Serving Suggestion

Banku and tilapia is a Ghanaian delicacy made from corn and cassava dough. The Banku is served with Grilled tilapia and stew or you can have it with hot pepper.  So just try our recipe:


Corn dough

Cassava dough [manioc paste]



Fresh fish of your choice


Cooking oil

Fresh tomatoes

Fresh onions

Fresh, dried or powdered chilli

Cooking oil of your choice


Stock cube


  1. Put equal amounts of corn and cassava dough into a pan
  2. Add water and mix together till it is as thick as porridge
  3. Add salt to taste and put on fire
  4. Use a flat, wooden thick ladle to stir till it becomes a thick pulp
  5. Cover it till it is very steamy, that makes it cook well in the core or inside of the banku. Turn the pulp over and over again with the ladle to allow even distribution of heat into it.
  6. If it is too hard or thick for you add a little water and stir till you have the preferred texture
  7. When colour changes from white to light cream it is almost ready to dish
  8. Mould into sizable balls (Like dumplings) with a little bowl and set aside.




  1. Remove scales from your fresh fish if it has
  2. Remove stomach as it tastes bitter
  3. Cut the fish into preferred sizes
  4. Remove fins and head [optional]
  5. Wash in salted water
  6. Arrange fish on a grill pan and grill in an oven, etc… under moderate heat for 30-45 mins depending on the size of your tilapia

To make stew

  1. Pour some cooking oil into a sauce pan and set it on fire
  2. Put in some chopped onions
  3. Chop the fresh tomatoes into it
  4. Blend your pepper and add it too
  5. Put in a little stock cube and some salt to taste
  6. Stir all together, cover the pan and bring stew to boil till all the juice from the fresh tomatoes thickens