TVC E. A renowned Islamic state has unleashed a controversial video footage claiming that there is cure for homosexuals, including gays, lesbians and bisexuals.

The video, reportedly created as part of a training programme by Islamic Development Department (IDD) somewhere in Malaysia, has evoked mixed reactions, splitting debaters right in the middle, with those against it in one hand and those in support on the other.

The clip basically highlights Islamic way of dealing with those in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community.

“The truth is that there are Muslims who are not straight, but who have chosen to stay on the path of Islam. For them, they must know that this is a test from Allah,” says IDD.

The really controversial footage goes ahead to liken sexual orientation to horse riding.

“When someone realises that he or she has a different sex orientation compared to others, and therefore wishes to change, that person needs help,” the video claims, referring to its mode of training and guidance as the remedy.

Islamic government finds CURE for homosexuality; Gays, lesbians, and bisexuals asked to repent

Homosexuality is acceptable in most countries, especially in countries like US and UK

Additionally, the clip claims that homosexuals should consider changing their sexual orientations for the sake of God, and that they do not have to be forced to repent their homosexuality, which in other words is a sin in Islamic teachings.

“You should also turn your backs on any activities that might lead you to same sex relations,” it continues.

Some of those who have reacted to the bizarre training and guidance programme include one Huda Mutalib who says he was not impressed by the video.

“It’s very dangerous for them to encourage heterosexual marriage as a way to fix persons in the LGBT community,” says Mutalib.

His sentiments are echoed by Zulaikaha Mohammad, who argues that calling for reparation therapy is ill advised and shows lack of respect to LGBT people, who should be left to live their lives as they please. But not everyone agrees with Mutalib and Mohammad.

One Azira Aziz is openly proud of IDD for producing the video.

“I hope their mission can remind each state to not act rough towards the LGBT but rather find ways to help them,” says Aziz.

The therapy, according to IDD, consists of a blend of psychological treatment and spiritual counselling.

It remains to be seen how far they will go with the programme, especially considering that any attempts to change individuals’ sexual orientations is widely perceived as a harmful pseudoscience. As a matter of fact, such practices are banned in several countries across the world, including Brazil, China, Israel, South Africa, US and UK.