American entertainment website, Radar Online is reporting that there is a strain in Jay Z and Beyonce’s relationship as the latter’s pregnancy has begun to take a toll on the rapper.

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Beyonce’s pregnancy hasn’t exactly been the relationship fix that fans expected, has learned: An insider said that instead of basking in baby joy with his wife, Jay Z is “incredibly stressed out!”

“Jay Z is basically waiting on Beyonce hand-and-foot right now,” a source close to the billionaire couple said. “She is not moving from her bedroom unless she absolutely has to!”

“He told Beyonce that he is going to do everything that he can to make sure she is comfortable, but it is already starting to wear thin on him!”

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As previously reported, Jay Z, 46, is dealing with a nasty paternity case brought against him by Rymir Sattertwaite, 23 – who claims that he is the rapper’s son after Jay Z allegedly had steamy sex sessions with Rymir’s mother, Wanda, in 1992.

Coupled with the fact that Jay Z and Beyonce ALREADY have a four-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy , in school right now, the insider told Radar it is just too much for him to handle!

“Beyonce has Jay Z on double-daddy duty. Not only is he taking care of Blue Ivy and Beyonce, but he is also in charge of everything right now,” the insider claimed.

“She told him she wanted to have a stress-free pregnancy and all of her stress has completely fallen on him!”