TVC E. News going round in Zimbabwe is about a young man who married his own 40-year old mother but eventually divorced her on their honey moon.

The south African boy visited a church in Mboro in South Africa where the pastor prayed and revealed he was under a spell. He claims that a pastor from South Africa lifted the juju curse his own mother sent upon him, thus opening his eyes

According to Zambian Observer website a man from Zimbabwe caused uproar on the internet when he decided to marry his own mother! Witnesses say that the man fell to his knees and began to vomit during the prayers, attracting the pastor’s attention. When the pastor began praying for him he allegedly lifted the curse.

Juju magic! Man who married his own 40-year-old mother DIVORCES her on their honeymoon (photos)

The son filed for divorce after a pastor lifted the mother’s curse from him

Farai from Zimbabwe said: “This woman is so evil,she had me under a spell for all these years, what made matters worse was that she insisted I eat home every day!”

He adds: “I thought it was love, not knowing she was putting juju in my food to keep me blinded. If It was not for the Prophet’s prayers I would still be under her spell.”

“Honestly with all these fine young women, why would I settle for a woman as old as my mother, I have since changed numbers and I never want to see her again,” Farai confesses.