A professional dancer, “Bois Sala” born Emmanuel Adejumo has lamented over neglect and poor remuneration for dancers in the entertainment industry.

In a chat with journalists in Lagos on Tuesday, Adejumo said that the issue was disheartening for those earning a living from dancing.

Adejumo, who is the Publicity Secretary of Guild of Nigerian Dancers (GOND), added that when they are invited to perform at events their clients always doled out pittance to them.

“You will hear them say is it not to dance, ordinary dance? N400, 000? I cannot pay!

“They don’t know that the money will be shared among 25 artistes or thereabout that participated in the dance act.

“But these same clients will not hesitate to pay N1.5m to just one comedian to entertain for five minutes,’’ he said.

He, however, said in spite of the poor remuneration they were still committed to the profession.

“If not for the passion some of us have for the profession we would have left but we thank the Lord for staying to see the end.

“It is too bad, only a few do appreciate our effort, some should know that we do have wives, we pay our children school fees, we pay house rents.

“We do go to the market to buy things; in fact maybe they think we sleep under the bridge,’’ he said.

Adejumo, the son of the popular comedian Moses Olaiya popularly known as “Baba Sala”, also said that they could use their craft to promote Nigeria’s culture abroad.

He added that they needed the support of the government to carry out their various programmes.

“If the government can implement the cultural policy and fulfill their own part things will get better for us.

“Other countries of the world – India, America and others – use their dance act, creative arts, performing culture and others to sell what they have to the world,’’the dancer added.