The import of more Hollywood blockbusters to China has put Chinese filmmakers under huge pressure and propelled them to work harder, said Jackie Chan on Tuesday.

The action film star made the remarks at a press briefing held by the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) in response to a question about China expanding its quota on film imports.

“Pressure is a good thing. Because it will force us to work harder to film more good movies. If we do the filming with our doors closed, or no competition, we currently cannot achieve high box office,” said Jackie Chan.

Chan stressed that there are advantages to allowing more foreign films in to the Chinese market.

“If we neither choose to go out, nor permit the entrance of others’ productions, foreign films will gradually become popular among audience in many countries. Plus, they have state-of-art skills and technologies. Now we have more chances to watch their films and learn their film-making skills. So I’m so grateful to the Chinese movie-goers as they support the Chinese films. They help us have more money to shoot Chinese films, employ stunt performers, and buy advanced technologies or machines, even invite foreign film crews in this competition,” Chan said.