The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has apologized for briefly detaining Grammy-winning hip hop artist Wyclef Jean in handcuffs during a robbery investigation.

Jean has said he was “treated like a criminal” by the law enforcement officials.

The sheriff’s department released a statement describing its investigation in the early hours of Monday morning into a violent robbery in West Hollywood and apologized “for any inconvenience the process caused Mr. Jean.”

The sheriff’s department added that the suspects allegedly attacked and held up a man and a woman at gunpoint and robbed them of their possessions before driving away.

Jean was pulled over shortly after the incident because the vehicle he was in matched the description of the suspects’ car.

The suspects in the robbery were later arrested.

In tweets and video of the incident posted to his Instagram and Twitter feed, Jean, the former Fugees singer, said he appeared to have been the victim of “another case of mistaken identity” and threatened to sue.