Rap music has long had a reputation for being a form of music that glorifies violence, sex as well as celebrate street warfare and gangs.

But young rapper Godswill Uche Michael, otherwise known as G-Wilz has a different biew. To him, rap music is greatly misunderstood.

Like most parents, G-Wilz’s parents were not in sync with an idea that their son wanted the sort of reputation that surrounds rappers.

One thing that is working for G-Wilz has been his ability to tap into his inner Nigerian core and blend his vibes with the roots. Listen to him and you’ll think of say, a Phyno.

The artiste discovered by Tony Okoroji says late rapper Dagrin paved a path for young rappers and he intends to keep the dream of Dagrin alive by promoting rap music.

And about that negative reputation that rap seems unable to shake away, he says consideration should be taken when analyzing the message that Rap music is presenting.