TVC E. News going round on the internet reveals how customers were poisoned by an eastery owner in Ogoja town of Cross River state. Many customers who patronize an eatery operator in Ogoja, Cross River state, have died after been allegedly poisoned. The eatery operator, Paul Armond, has reportedly confessed that he poisoned his customers as a way of getting back at them for an undisclosed reason. It was reported that, that the eatery operator, Paul Armond, who has been arrested by the police, and is said to be undergoing interrogation, has confessed to putting poison in the food he sold to his customers.

Dr. Patrick Ubi, medical superintendent, general hospital, Ogoja, where the victims were rushed to, said they ate from the same source, adding that it was regular for them to do so everyday between 9am and 10 am.

“After two to three hours, those who ate the food started complaining of abdominal pain; some were vomiting while others were foaming in the mouth”, Ubi said.


What punishment do you think he deserve?