Robert Jobson a New York Times best-selling author shared his opinion in an article with Mirror. Prince Harry and his actress girlfriend Meghan Markle have certainly got tongues wagging. Holding hands in the Caribbean sunshine at the wedding of his best Tom Inskip, they looked every inch a couple, a picture of happiness.

Now that the stunning actress, who stars in US television drama Suits, is being heavily tipped as the next royal bride.

But some killjoys are already trying to find fault in the match.
Ironically Jamaica, where Harry introduced his girl to his ‘crew’, is where Meghan wed her first husband movie producer Trevor Engelson. The marriage lasted two years.
Some suggest her status as a divorcee, her black ancestry and even her chosen profession make her unsuitable. Utter nonsense.

The mischief makers cite the Princess Margaret and divorcee Group Captain Peter Townsend debacle of 1955, saying Meghan’s failed marriage makes her marrying Harry tricky.