The star actress of Half of a Yellow Sun, Thandie Newton, is starring in a new series called Westworld and in one of the scenes, she

appeared totally naked but she doesn’t seem to mind going nude. In fact, she revealed that acting in the nude makes her feel liberated and also led to her being treated respectfully, while acting in the busty costume brought about a kind of unwanted, lewd attention on set.

“I found myself more empowered naked than I did with the saloon outfit on,” she said. “I was more comfortable naked because the costume was the most potent objectification of a woman, with the boobs pushed right up, the tiny waist. It’s an invitation for sex. The fishnet tights, the little heels with the laces… It’s all about sensuality. It’s about eroticism. It’s about “Look, but don’t touch”.

“It’s all there to make the invitation for sex as provocative as possible and then the promise of satisfaction is practically just there.”