Justice Mohammed Idris of a federal high court in Lagos has asked the prosecution to comply with section 379 of the Administration of Criminal Justice Act.
It includes making sure the defence has the list and summary of statement for every witness in the on-going trial of the former Governor of Abia state.

Orji Uzor Kalu. At the last adjourned date, the defence had challenged the competence of the witness, Christiana Ohiri to testify in the trial, citing the absence of her name in the proof of evidence.

After the judge’s ruling, the prosecution prayed the court to give them 30 minutes to file again or allow it to add the name to the list manually and sign on it. But the defence objected, saying that it was unattainable.

They insisted that justice rushed is justice crushed.

The judge ruled in the favour of the defence.

The case was then adjourned till April the 10th.

Meanwhile the ex- governor has expressed his feelings on the trial.