TVC E. Ex- Big Brother House mate,  “Bassey Ekpenyong” Aka “Bassey” has said, he would prefer Debierise to win the Big Brother Reality  Show. He said this during his visit to TVC Entertainment Splash on the (6th of April 2017).

The Actor and Model said, ‘while in the house My plan was not to lead anyone on, the main reason why I didn’t get too intimate with any lady in the house and my relationship with Debierise was really cordial, and we will remain friends even after the house, so because of that I will love her to win the ultimate Big Brother’s price, but considering the tight struggle it’s between Bisola and Efe’.

Heavily built Presenter who never felt bad for not winning said his biggest threat while in the house was Bisola, because he knew she has so many fan to stand by her and couldn’t compete with that at all.  He didn’t leave out TBoss in the discuss, saying Tboss is very emotional who loves to cry at every touch.

Bassey Ekpenyong Is now out to face reality and ready for any job that comes his way including Nollywood.

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