TVC E. Oluwabankole Wellington popularly known as Banky W has said girls should not solely depend on men, even though he does not agree with Reno Omokiri’s tweet on women sucking out money from men and seeing them as money machine.

'Any Woman Who Expects a Man to Give her Money cos They’re Dating, Should not Look Down on Prostitutes _ Reno OmokriTwitter activist Reno Omokri shares his explosive thoughts on ladies who see their boyfriend as a money making machine 3 days ago. According to him, if as a lady, you expect your man to give you money, then you should no look down on prostitutes who accept money for their ‘trade’. He enjoined women to start their own business, likening poverty to cancer.

Empire Mates Entertainment boss who was a guest at YourView TVC Show on Thursday (6th of April 2017), believes he is obligatory to take care of the woman in his life. He said: ‘Ladies are suppose to be less dependent on men and as for me, I am suppose to take care of the woman in my life, there is no one particular type of girl for a guy, don’t expect all girls to act the same way, which therefore means, as a man you should provide for your girl’.

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