Image result for I'm no longer with Wizkid record label – L.A.XRising singer, Damilola Afolabi aka L.A.X, is no longer signed to Wizkid’s record label, the singer has revealed.

According to him, the singer has apparently decided to take his music destiny in his own hands and forge ahead.

In a chat with Journalists over the weekend,  L.A.X said, “I am no longer signed to Star Boy Records. Right now, I’m focusing on my own outfit and I’m doing my videos, A & R, music promotion, PR and other things myself. I’ve been working on my album for a while now but I’m still trying to put some finishing touches to it. I will be releasing it soon but that would be after I get back from my US tour. However, Star Boy has a lot of input in my new album that would be released soon and I still have a working relationship with Wizkid.”

Reacting to question on the rationale behind going on tour to foreign nations when he has yet to be successful in his home country, L. A. X said, “To be honest, I have more fans outside the country than in Nigeria. Nowadays, one can actually go online and find out where majority of downloads, streaming and other Internet activities come from. And I have discovered that most of my fans are in the US, followed by Canada and London. Obviously, they want me there more and that’s why I usually go there on tour. I had amazing experiences when I travelled out of the country on tour. I went to about 14 cities in Europe and America,” the singer said.

But contrary to L.A.X. claim that voluntarily resigned from Starboy records, it was gathered that Wizkid deliberately dropped the artiste from his record label.

Wizkid who won the African Artiste of the Year Award last week at the 17th Ghana Music Awards made a special announcement where he unveiled the acts under new Starboy records, omitting L.A.X’s name.

According to Wizkid during his performance, ‘I’m here to make a special announcement to you guys, we have a new Starboy records – ‘Starboy Entertainment Worldwide’, and we have four artistes (Efya, R2Bess, Mr. Eazi and myself). Please support us not, just today but forever’.