TVC E. Empire Mates Entertainment boss, Oluwabankole Wellington alias Banky W has said, he started out very broke and as such, youths should not live a borrowed life.

He said during an interview segment with the YourView ladies on Thursday (6th of April 2017), that youths especially ladies should be independent.  ‘Have your dreams , learn to do your thing on your own, live between your means and not a borrowed life. Nobody started a billionaire even Dangote so it’s ok to start small, it’s all about creating a balance.

But Banky who goes against Reno’s tweet (‘if as a lady, you expect your man to give you money, then you should no look down on prostitutes who accept money for their ‘trade’) said: ‘Its a man’s calling to take care of a woman that, there is no particular type of girl for a guy so don’t expect all girls to act the same way.

What are your thoughts on this?