TVC E. The British police are living up their reputation of being effective and efficient. Why the praise? An assylum seeker was assaulted on Friday by 20 assilants in south London and nine arrest have been made with six of them in remanded in custody.

The 17 year old Kurdish Iranian suffered severe head injury in what the police are calling a hate crime. He was attacked a few minutes before midnight near a pub in Croydon according to Detective Inspector Gary Croydon.  Croydon adds that the victim asked for directions and was attacked when they discovered he is an assylum seeker.The inspector confirms that the teenager remains in hospital in a stable but not life threatening condition. The pictures of the three remaining suspects who are still at large have been released to the public.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan vowed the perpetrators would be brought to justice. And the local lawmaker Gavin Barwell described those responsible as “scum” in a tweet.