‘A woman is a property to her husband’ – Yemisi Jayeola

Founder and Counsel of God’s wives int’l, Mrs Ayo Yemisi- Jayeola from the widows organisation sees a woman as an ordinary

property. In her words: ‘a woman is a property to her husband, she is seen as a chair, just an ordinary property. So she needs to buckle up and be independent while the husband is still alive, so that she will not be an abandoned property.’

She made this statement at YourView Tvc Show today, during the hot topic of discussion ‘ being a widow in Nigeria’. Mrs (widow) Jayeola believes every woman should have a basic handwork while the husband is alive, and should contribute to the well being of the family. She is of the opinion that, any woman who is productive while the husband is alive will not be seen and used as trash or an ordinary property when he dies.

We have seen and heard how some widows are being maltreated at the death of their spouses in Nigeria. In some cultures, women are seen as mere chattels and therefore lack every right to inherit landed property when their husband die.

According to customary laws, a woman is still considered as part of the properties of the man which can even be inherited.

What are your thoughts on this?

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