Balancing laptop on your tummy causes infertility – Prof. Ashiru

Medical Doctor, Prof. Oladapo Ashiru  has said, ‘Male fertility may be affected by perching laptop computers on the lap. Balancing laptop computers on the lap raises the scrotum’s temperature’.

About 15%-20% of couples that want to get pregnant aren’t able to conceive. Many of those cases trace back to issues relating to the male. Gradually declining sperm production has been noted in recent decades, say .

The doctor continued during the YourView TVC Show that, elevated scrotal temperatures have been linked to male infertility. Many factors can raise scrotal temperature, including hot baths, saunas, and tight jockey shorts as well as sweeteners.

The  Professor concluded by saying, There are almost 70  IVF Centres in Nigeria, make sure you take your one year old son for a test, to avoid mumps which will leave to infertility eventually. If you have a new born boy check the testicles (balls) to see if its complete, if its not the child will have infertility problem’.


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