TVC E. Wife of the notorious Lagos kidnapper, Chukwudi Dumeme Onuamadike alias Evan, that was arrested last week has come out to say, she is innocent and knows nothing about her husband’s business. She claims everything her husband confessed were all lies.

An instagram news media said: ”Meanwhile, Evans wife has allegedly claimed she knows nothing about this “business” her husband is into”.

Read people’s reaction after Evan’s wife denied involvement in her husband’s business.


  • bimobalogun Women wd always deny na only money them know how to spend


  • contagiousadaoraIs that possible?? Lol married to a man, have 5 kids and you say you are not aware of what he does. If I hear??? Even girlfriend dey knew her guy secrets how much more wife. WAS SHE A FURNITURE??


  • adukujaoAnd you enjoyed the luxury life without asking questions? Smh



  • vikkyiwaraShe should be arrested and tried alongside her husband.


What do you think about the kidnapper’s wife’s statement ?