Nigerians have condemned calls by one Facebook user, T Shine Sisi Eko, who has embarked on an advocacy for

arrested billionaire kidnapper, Chukwuduben Onwuamadike, popularly known as Evans. Nigerians feel he should be punished for the intention of  killing millions all for the notorious kidnapper.

T Shine Sisi Eko appears to be a musician, as he spots a Facebook photograph of what appears to be a music album entitled GRACE, allegedly produced by Jamzeal M & M By Mobass.


Here are the posts as published on his Facebook page:

Isong Idaresit: if only the idiots knows that he’s everywhere on every blog. soon the police would come for you.

Peter Muotoh: Pls my brother, don’t start what you can not finish, he committed a crime and nothing to justify it, let him face the music except if u are part of them

Chukwuba Chiluba: This one is a fool.

Ikechukwu Uzuegbu: Condom was invented because of characters like T Shine. They should not go beyond the rubber

Olubunmi Mabel: I’ve given up on Nigeria and her people. Nothing shocks me anymore. Crime has become a way of life. It’s pathetic.

Simisola Ogunbanwo: Idiot!! You’ll soon be arrested! Attention you dey seek, attention you go find!?

Ben Collins: I wish T Shine a successful kidnap.

Kenneth Ojeme Abalu: Tshine can u stay out of this sh***ts and concentrate on a brighter future even if its outside this country

Favour Emeli Ebuka: Mind your words in the public T Shine Sisi Eko

Godson Kose: Give ur self free promo… Mumu am sure ur villagers are using ur brain to stone pear

Muyiwa Owen Oluwade: We are talking of kidnapping. This one is saying tribe. Your weed has expired bro

Lotanna Mbatojuo: Common English you cannot spell, you are totally misinformed, ignorant and lose mouthed. Let me educate you alittle, kidnapping in Lagos state if found guilty is a death sentence, so face your whatever career you choose and become better, rather than showing the whole world your level of stupidity out here. Stop taking Oshogbo weed again.

Ikemefuna C Favour: Nobody turned anybody into a criminal. He had a choice and he chose to be bad. There are people that worse things happened to that didnt set out to do bad things. Justifying evil makes you evil.

Louis Cavalli: I have been telling them to leave our Robin Hood alone, now am glad I have a supporter. Kill them bro. Idiot government.

Williams Thomson: And called your self upcoming


Moses Adekunle: You people asking for Evans’ release are enemies of peace and should all be arrested and prosecuted along with your idol, Evans the kidnapper….

Boyfwend Pedroline: This is very bad. If only these guy knows he is everywhere.?? if I were you I will start running.

Joshua Echiebuke Idibie: I tot you support him at first……. U wanna back off now

Stephen Onyeukwu: If only u knw d problem uve just put urself in…it nw all over d net ……..y nt keep shut ..CU’s day wud be cumin for u

Suleiman Isah S Square: U dont know what u are talking.

Joshua Echiebuke Idibie: I hope you will be at hard rock hotel this Sunday I promise you won’t make it to your house on Monday morning.

Maxi Carter Boss Bro: Congratulations. You are now officially famous