TVC E. Ooni of Ife, Adeyeye Ogunwunsi has called on Nigerians to stop complaining about the misdeeds of government rather they should do the needful.

Speaking in a recent interview he said the youths are yet to realize how powerful they are in the scheme of things.

He said ” If you are not happy with your president, you go for another election, and you will vote your president out. If you are happy with your president, you will continue with that government for them to be in power”.

“Truth be told, we Nigerians don’t know our power yet. We don’t know our voting power, yet. Until we know it, we won’t stop complaining, especially the youth. Once we know it, we won’t complain again”.

“My school of thought is let us, first of all, organize ourselves and let us talk positively about this country. Let us stop derogatory, hate speeches. Things that will continue to divide everybody further.”

“So my advice to them is to stop hate speeches. They should stop being not focused. I understand the frustrations, I understand absolutely. I live all my life for the youth –every day of my life, I live it for the youth”.

“My advice; 2019, they should vote right. Whoever that they think will do Nigeria justice, that will not divide us further, that will unite us further, and make us be a better nation, let us rally round that person.”

Ooni also spoke on his relationship with Rilwan Akiolu, the oba of Lagos, saying he has no rift with the king but the media only “over-celebrated the situation”.

Some months back, a video of the Lagos monarch refusing to exchange pleasantries with his Ife counterpart went viral, and it elicited different reactions.