Popular media personality, co-host of TVC YourView Show, Tope Mark Odigie, disclosed today how intimidated she used to feel while in secondary school because of her height. She narrated how her teachers will always single her out because she was taller than the rest.

The mother of twins and makeup artist, confessed that the attitude then made her timid and reduced her self esteem. ‘Especially when one of my uncle said I should stop stretching every morning when I wake up, because it makes me taller. I actually saw my height as a curse’. She said.

Rather than ruminating on how bad you feeling about yourself, do something positive and productive. This is particularly effective if the action you take relates to improving the area where you feel low selfesteem. If you’re feeling bad about your weight for example, go take a walk or exercise in some way.

To build self confidence and overcome low self esteem is to change how we feel emotionally about ourselves.