‘I never shot Evans film’ – Kevin Ikeduba

Nollywood actor Kelvin Ikeduba has denied playing the role of Evans the notorious kidnapper in a Nollywood film.

‘Evans character in poster It’s a coincidence, film has nothing to do with Evans’, the Marketer, Jamagold said. ‘We won’tallow it into the market’ – Chairman, Marketers Association. This is not the first time Nollywood will be making movie of the life and times of celebrated criminals. We have seen movies being made on historical felons like Anini, Oyenusi, Sina Rambo and many others. So, when a poster surfaced on social media promoting a yet-to-be released movie on the billionaire kidnapper, Evans, real names, Chukwudi Onuamadike, it was greeted with outrage, bewilderment and anxiety in varied quarters. The poster has acclaimed ‘bad boy of Nollywood,’ Kevin Ikeduba, playing the role of the rich and apprehended crime lord, who made millions of dollars, from kidnapping.

The poster features the actor, soaked in blood, toting an AK 47 rifle, and firing away in rage. It was a well crafted poster, meant to hug attention and surely, it did more than that. While Kevin is the only notable Nollywood figure on the poster, the name of the marketer was also boldly displayed. The production is said to be marketted by Priced Penny Productions Limited. The Instagram post of the poster that came to the attention of Potpourri was made by the actor himself with a comment that sounded more like a distress call. “ Jesuuuuuu! Nollywood Abeg o. I cover myself with the blood of Jesus @Jamagold @Uncle P.  Based on the post, Potpourri sought out the actor and what followed thereafter was as surprising as it was unexpected. I’m still in shock over the poster, I never shot a film like that — Kevin Ikeduba If there’s any actor in Nollywood that can pull off the character of a bad boy to perfection, it is Kevin Ikeduba.

He has done baddie in so many movies that it is almost a letdown  to see him playing any other character. So, when he materialised in the poster as Evans, many would have given a thump up of kudos to the producer for his choice of character. But when Potpourri reached out to the University of Benin graduate, he was emphatic in his denial of the film, saying, he never shot and would never shoot any Evans movie. “I’m still in shock since I saw the poster on social media because I never shot any story related to Evans. What we shot was a pure ghetto story. I had to even put a call to the marketer and owner of the film that I’m not in any way comfortable with the idea. He was just saying things I could not understand. I guess he is being selfish and wants to make money out of the Evans situation because it is not in any way related to Evans. I only acted a pure ghetto film and it was early last year, even before the Evans’s issue came to light,” he said.


As a number one baddie, we asked him if he would consider taking up a role playing the billionaire kidnapper and he shot back at us, almost in hysteria. “I wouldn’t even play such a character for millions because he is still alive and his case is a national issue. I have my limit to everything. Playing the bad boy role has made me a very careful person and I don’t overstep my bounds. Nigerians could be funny sometimes, they often relate you to what you play on screen. The film put out as Evans is a pure ghetto story,there was not even a kidnap scene in it. I have been getting calls from well wishers,colleagues, etc since last night because of the title of the movie and I am no longer comfortable with it. I have even called the Chairman of Electromart in Onitsha to formally lay a complaint,” he added. It’s a coincidence, film has nothing to do with Evans, the kidnapper— Jamagold, the marketer Potpourri continued its investigation by reaching out to the marketer of the film, who actually put out the poster on social media.

Was he being mischievous or trying to be smart by catching in on the Evans saga to sell his film or was it just a prank? “It is not a new movie, it is a film we shot about March this year. It is just a coincidence, the film has nothing to do with Evans, the kidnapper. Any man that does any film that has to do with Evans right now must be a stupid man because the case is still on. Even if you want to do anything on Evans you must wait for the case to be concluded. The title of the movie ‘Evans’ is only the name of a community in the movie from which the title is derived,” he stated.

We won’t allow the movie into the market – Chairman, Onitsha Marketers Association After speaking with the marketer, the next stop was the Chairman, Onitsha Marketers Association, Electromart, Mr Izu, to whom the actor, Kelvin Ikedugba laid his complaint. Mr Izu was emphatic in his assertion that the marketer was playing a foul game, not only toying with national issue but also soiling the reputation of a good actor. “This movie he has titled ‘Evans’ is a sequel to another film done last year. Why didn’t he title the part one ‘Evans’ and why is he titling the part two ‘Evans’? It is obvious he is trying to play a fast one on the market and the cast of the film. This is not good. We won’t allow the movie into the market unless the title is changed,” he declared.


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