#WakeupNigeria: Rock Star, Clay graced the show with a live performance

Clay, a musician of the rock genre took time out to grace TVC Entertainmenr’s #WakeUpNigeria show this morning.  She talked bit about her career and the state of rock music in Nigeria.

She kicked off by explaining what the stage name ‘Clay’ means, saying it just means getting better and better, relating it to the use of clay literally to make something into a better form.

On why she chose rock music, she said :

I don’t know, I’d say rock music chose mebecause even before I wanted to do rock music professionally, I have been writing rock songs since I was 13 years old, and I grew up listening to rock music, my dad used to listen to rock music, so I guess it’s something that, even when I went to the studio for the first time I recorded a rock song, so it’s something I can just do like..wake me up and that’s it, it’s very comfortable for me.”

The singer has a band which plays along with her, and they’ve been together for two years.


The rock artiste has been singing since she was eight years old in the choir, and she noticed that they always wanted her to take solos and the lead in songs, and she knew she was special as a result.

On her challenges as a rock soul singer in Nigeria, she said : “First of all, I haven’t had any negative reviews, from anybody, or any negative thing from people saying they don’t like my song, so I don’t think there is any challenges from the masses, I think the problem is getting out there, it’s actually getting my music out there for people to hear ” the rock singer said.

On the misconceptions about rock singers, Clay said : “People think rock stars are demonic, well there are demonic people who do rock music, but not everybody, there are gospel artistes that do rock music, and so with R&B, pop and soul, there are people who decide to go this path or the other path, so I don’t think it’s just rock music.”

When asked if she would ever venture into other genres of music, she said she could try one or two different genres in her album, but rock will always be major.

On rock artistes having hidden meaning in their songs, and whether the rock singer follows such format, she said she doesn’t have a particular format for writing her songs, rather she draws inspiration from her surrounding to write, saying life inspires her basically.

The rock star singer revealed that she doesn’t have an album out yet but has got singles and is currently working on her EP to drop in a few months’ time.

She has worked with a couple of mainstream artistes such as Vector and MI.



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