#WakeupNigeria: I wish to have twins and perform with the pregnancy – Shola Allyson

Nigerian soul and folk singer, and a song-writer, Shola Allyson-Obaniyi, on Tuesday opened up on her love for twins and how she wishes to have one. she also said, she will continue to sing in Yoruba language without apology, showing she is proud of her linage.

Over time there have been rise in the birth of twins among celebrities. Is it just IVF, or these celebrities are incredibly fertile? The answer isn’t simple. Yes, the celebrities sure are spawning

It’s only fair that gossip over fertility treatments would follow; all of those women were over 35—old biddies in this business—when they had the twins, including Romijn. (Twin-machine Angelina Jolie isn’t quite up there yet, agewise.)

And because of this Multiple births of twins from celebrity, Shola Allyson has joined the wagon of those looking forward to having  twins. Twins occur naturally about 3 to 5 percent of the time, compared with a whopping 25 percent after fertility treatments.

But here’s where it gets tricky: It is, technically, still possible to produce twins without any help at all, right up until menopause. There is also an increased chance of having twins naturally as you get older.


Shola came into limelight with the hit album Eji Owuro, which was the soundtrack album for a film of the same name. During the show she said: ”Your soul is always bound to your work, I sing my song from the debt of my heart, I am a singer a child of God and a gospel singer. My collaboration with Adekunle Gold is a very controversial one. I have sold over 40 million copies of my song, but because of how Nigeria is, that is why I am still looking like this. Being Yoruba is not a mistake, I sing in Yoruba language apologetically. I want to have twins and will perform with pregnancy.”



The gospel artiste, Sola Allyson and Adekunle Gold teamed up on a classic song remake which pushes parents and other custodians to pay more attention to their wards.

The mother of 3 in an interview with #WakeupNigeria said she chose to work with Adekunle Gold because his mode of delivery is similar to hers, adding that his lyrics are not vulgar and are safe for all audience.

Addressing the matter on her Instagram page, Sola Alllyson who has been criticised by people who think such collaboration is ungodly because Sola is a gospel singer and Adekunke Gold is secular said people criticising should wait till the song is out before judging her.

She wrote:

They say silence is the best answer for a fool. But, me, I don’t believe anyone is a fool, I just think it is ignorance that would make someone be foolish, which could be helped if he opens his mind and be taught.

How can you sit in a corner of your house, attend a Church in another corner, having blabbed some crammed “letter killeth” words about your assumed salvation, and then think you have the right to judge that some other people who are not in your own corner are worldly??? What kind of self aggrandisement is that? Someone you don’t KNOW?

Are you going to let your light shine or hide it under a bushel? Are you going to sit there and swim in your own ignorance of being “saved”? You’ll be shocked.
Do you really know The Christ or you only know ABOUT HIM by what you’re “taught?” Is it about the dogma, doctrine or culture of your own small mind? You’ll be shocked.

And then, I can’t remember anyone being there when I received “the call” that you have become a custodian to, without having the blueprint of the call. Ignorance. What is your own call? Have you dedicated this much energy to discovering yours and get sharper with it? Don’t you think there’s more room to get better?

All these “I prefer you like this”, “you know they’re worldy” and so on. Who are you?! Which Bible are you reading?
Mind your own life. Walk your own walk. Don’t be ignorant, which makes others see you as a fool, me I don’t think you’re a fool sha.

I’m working with @adekunlegold, wait and hear the song first before you have hypertension for my sake! I know who I am. Mind your own domain. If I come to your mind, send money. Or good thoughts. I WOULD STILL WORK with more “unlikely” people in your own eyes. Perhaps my kind of Christianity is strange to you because your mind is confused about the Faith.

Destiny here I come! Into The Hands of The Maker I commit my all. Thou knowest all intentions as YOU search all hearts. I was made to do this, not in any laid down way, but in the particular design you have for my own destiny. I am bold because of YOU! My fear is gone! I’m a Singer who shines The Father’s Light.
Watch out for the manifestation of #TheSolaAllyson

Here is a photo of the duo:

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