Nollywood actor and singer, Segun Arinze has called on the government to fix the infrastructural facilities in Nigeria to encourage film and music video producers shoot films in the country. 

Speaking on the show, Your View, the actor said, “filmmakers do not enjoy security while shooting videos in Nigeria.  He said actors and filmmakers are often harassed on set or location of a movie in Nigeria, thereby forcing them to shoot abroad where their security is guaranteed.”

He said: “To enable filmmakers shoot their videos in Nigeria, some kind of support should be given to them such as, adequate electricity supply, road construction, assured security and son on.”

“Lack of these infrastructural facilities will cause the sales and marketing of films and music videos to be low, because people will not be interested in a film or music videos with poor location and infrastructural facilities. It will even cause filmmakers to be lazy and discouraged in film and video production.

“The creativity of filmmakers should not be limited because it helps them interpret their script and follow their budget.”

The multi-talented actor however urged government to communicate with filmmakers, respect them and work hand-in-hand with them to ensure the success of their chosen career.