Nollywood film producer and director, Kunle Afolayan, has denounced the story making the rounds that he generated over 100 million naira within two weeks of releasing the ‘ROTI‘ movie.

Afolayan stressed that he would not have to urge cinema-goers to go and see the movie if he had raked in the said amount.

ROTI ‘tells the story of how years after a couple loses their son called Roti to a brief illness, the wife sees a boy called¬†Juwon¬†who is an exact replica of her dead son.

After discovering that Juwon is not a reincarnation of Roti, she is washed anew by grief and soon descends into depression and consequent hysteria.


The suspense-filled movie is set in Lagos and features Kate Henshaw, Joke Silver and other A-list Nollywood actors.