Elijah, 2 year old boy who had a heart surgery for a hole in the heart was on Tuesday present in the studio with the mum, looking happy and okay. The little boy’s case sounds somewhat pitiful but no! it’s actually a success story because Elijah is doing fine.

A tragedy is birthed when that child is brought into the world incomplete or unhealthy. ”The hardest part of it was before the surgery, I usually cry every night until we got the money for the surgery. I thank everybody that contributed to Elija’s surgery. Some called to pay for him because they don’t have money to support, I appreciate all of them.” Elijah’s mother revealed during the show.

She continued by saying, ”My son’s case made me stop my job. At some point, I almost gave up. But God did it for us”.

The case of Ayanu Elijah Oyinlola, a 7 months old baby boy, it’s a Large Ventricular Septal Defect (commonly known as a hole-in-the-heart).

According to Elijah’s mother’s revelation during the show, given the birth of their third child and son, Elijah, the parents were overjoyed as God had finally blessed them with an heir, a boy whom his father could boast of to anyone. It was unforeseen that their bundle of joy would become a bundle of burden as barely 5 months after his birth, the little boy suffered a heart failure and was rushed to the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LAUTH).

He was admitted at LAUTH for 5 days and was on oxygen during his admission and the medical bill was taken care of by his desperate father Mr Ayanu a civil servant at Eti-Osa Local Government. What he earns is barely enough to cater for a family of five.

The case of the Ayanu’s in not a far cry from the reality of several heart defect cases in Nigeria but in their situation they have been able to end the torment of their child by taking him to India for the required treatment after the availability of funds.