#WakeupNigeria: Inspiring story of an OAP amputee who still drives. WATCH

If you follow radio personality Adenike Oyetunde on Instagram, then you will know that she is a bundle of excitement and positivity. Living as an amputee can be very difficult but Adenike has never let that put her down. On  Tuesday during the #WakeupNigeria show she revealed lost her leg was amputated 11 years ago and she could still drive, swim, and dance salsa.

Her narration: ” What I had was cancer of the bone. It was on a Sunday when I visited my parents from school, I was fetching water I slipped, feel and that was it. End of story, I lost my leg to cancer. I was depressed and a friend pointed it out for me. I just wanted to live for the next day, As it is, I live my life like a goldy and that’s why I have a gold hair.”




watch and listen to her  inspiring story……………….



No moment passed during the interview without Nike appreciating her parent. ”My parents are my light and my rock. They are the reason I am still here today. They always encourage to stay put and never give up.  And yes it is important never to give up.” She said.





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