‘The governors made people become materialist by driving big cars’ – OlaJumoke James

‘Despite biting economic recession in Nigeria, governors, their wives and deputy governors of states in the country have continued to splash money on expensive bulletproof vehicles which may lead to oppression’, Olajumoke James said during the TVC YourView show on Thursday.

With the average cost of an armoured vehicle put at about N75m, JPA Armouring Group, an armoured vehicle manufacturer in Germany, gave  the cost of a bulletproof 2014 Lexus LX 570 at €192,000 (N89.3m), an armoured 2015 Toyota Prado starts from €125,000 (N58.1), while the cost of an armoured Toyota Land Cruiser starts from €149,000 (N69.2m), excluding shipping costs. The report revealed that all governors and their deputies have at least 2 armoured car in the convoy while some governor’s wives of at least one armoured vehicle.

Following the topic on today’s YourView show,’ What’s a life worth in Nigeria’, Jumoke said, ” We are suppose to appreciate life instead of valuing wealth, If you were satisfied with your life and people are asking you to upgrade, you might be influenced, so love your life first. She feels our leaders are oppressing Nigerians with the way they live their lives.

”Few months ago Kogi State Governor Yahaya Bello on 12th of September arrived Eid prayer ground in lokoja with a 2016 Bullet proof Lexus LX 570 worth 115,452941 million Naira, which is a good example of oppression”. She said.

Do you agree with her?

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