‘I lost my virginity at 6’ – Advocate Taiwo Akinlami. WATCH

Social empowerment Advocate, Taiwo Akinlami, disclosed he was sexually molested at the age of 6 during the TVC YourView Show on Thursday.

Following the topic of discussion of the day, ‘How Much Is the Nigerian Life Worth’ was focused on the flamboyant life styles of the Nigerian Politicians.

He explained that majority of the aspirants might have been aiming the sweet life of those in power and immediately they attain that hieght of leadership, they tend to follow suit, which is an influencer on the Nigerian youths too. 


In a twist, Taiwo said, ”some of our leaders are a product of the society and when they get in the position of power they try to change things because they appreciate what the people are going through.”

On a daily basis, we are fed with bizarre statistics or number of persons who have lost their lives in questionable circumstances. Sometimes, the sad circumstances are perpetuated by the state organization of force and sometimes by civilians themselves against each other. The right to life is fundamental and yet it seems we have lost the value of life in Nigeria

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