OAP calls off wedding after featuring on bridal magazine

Canadian singer, and TV Personality, Keshia Chanté, has shocked fans by announcing that she will no longer go ahead with her wedding because she has been “unhappy for quite some time” and “was no longer willing to accept less than what I deserved”. 

Keshia Chanté, and NHL goalie, Ray Emery’s love story caught at the heartstrings of everyone who keeps up with them, to the extent that Keshia was featured on Today’s Bride magazine ahead of their summer wedding. Sadly the wedding, which was supposed to take place this summer, has been cancelled.

Keshia, 29, and Ray, 34, began dating 7 years ago when she was only 21 years. As their wedding date drew closer, fans could not wait for the day and already began to ask the actress what kind of dress she would wear and where it will hold. Keshia granted an interview where she disclosed it would be a Canadian wedding and she will walk down the aisle in a stunning $10,000 Zuhair Murad gown fresh off the runway which she referred to as “gorgeous”.

In addition, Keshia recently scored a spot on season two of “Hockey Wives”, since she was about to get married to a professional hockey goaltender. Things seemed to be looking up for the couple until Keshia’s shock announcement.


People expressed shock that the 29-year-old could walk out on a guy like Ray with his luxury and status, however, Keshia had good reasons and she explained her motive. In an Instagram post, Keshia said she sacrificed a lot for Ray and lost herself in the process. She said the relationship became unhealthy and she gave her fiance countless chances, yet he refused to change so she had to leave.










Read what she wrote below.

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